Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Gearing Up For The Baby Shower!

I have truly been busy lately working on items for my SD's Baby Shower. This is her first child and I really want her shower to be special. I made all of these items in the last week and a half and I have plenty more that I want to do. Here is a quick explanation of everything: 1- I put the poems on the candles by using decal paper (decal paper was purchased from Bel Inc.) this was extremely easy. 2- The clear pillow boxes are from the Clear Bags store and they have two Reces cups in them.
3- The glass holders was etched using Etch All Creme. 4- The two signs are for the tables, one is for the Gift table and the other one is a poem for the Candy Buffet. 5- The tin is just a cute way of giving socks as a gift. 6. The Baby Book is made of two heavy pieces of chipboard with felt glued to them (or use could use the white stuff to make blankets Then I added material, Heat Tranfer vinyl and some embellishments and lastly I decided to buy a scrap box to keep the Baby book in because those light colors will pick up dust and dirt easily. I hope she likes everything. There will be more to come. TFL.